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Equine-Assisted Coaching


Are you feeling stuck in your life?

Coaching with horses will open your mind enabling room for personal growth in ways you never imagined. Horses are a prey animal that rely on their keen non verbal communication, boundaries, and situational awareness to keep them alive in the wild.


Through equine-assisted coaching you can learn:

* How to be more mindful

* Increase situational awareness

* Grow your emotional intelligence

* Practice respectful leadership

* Recognize and set boundaries

* Learn and approach to overcoming fear

* Strengthen emotional intelligence

* Become more connected with the world around you


Q: Do I need to have previous horse experience?

A: Nope. In fact, it's better if you have never worked with horses before. This way, you will not bring previous beliefs into the barn with you. But if you do have horse experience, it's ok, just be open and willing to shed old ideas and enjoy new growth.

Q: Do I have to ride a horse?

A: No. There is no riding in the coaching program. We do offer a limited amount of riding lessons.

Q: I am afraid of horses, will this work for me?

A: Yes. Our horses are gentle and very used to working with different people. You will not be pushed into a situation before you are ready, nor will you be pressured. 

Coaching Program

Our 8 week coaching program will help you get started in your growth journey. Sessions are offered for small groups and private. Each participant gets a custom journal designed specially for our program.

Small Group: $400

Private: $600


Monday's 6pm March 4th - April 29th*

                        May 6th - June 24th


Friday's 6pm March 1st - April 26th*

                     May 10th - June 28th

* no session the week of April 8th - 12th

One on One Coaching

One on one coaching is available on a per session basis. The 2024 rate for private, individual coaching is $85/hour. Please email us to set up a consultation

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