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Riding Lessons


RIDING LESSONS are offered on a limited basis. Our emphasis is on balance and correctness in the saddle, respect of the horse, and building a solid foundation. Using a building block approach, riders will learn from a proper foundation regardless if they are riding English or Western.


Rates for 2024 are:

Package of 4 fifty minute lessons-

Semi-Private $260

Private $300

Usually taken once a week. Semi-private is 2-3 students, private is one student.


LEADLINE LESSONS are a simple, fun, student-led introduction to riding lessons. Each "lesson" includes time to pet, brush, and give the horse a treat as well as time in the saddle being led by one of our trained staff. Helmets are provided and instruction is minimal. Leadline lessons are available to children ages 3-6 and older children with mental and physical limitations that prevent them from participating in the rigors of standard lessons.

Package of 4- 40 minute lessons- $160

Usually taken once a week. Each lesson consists of 20 minutes of "horse time" and 20 minutes of riding. Please note there may be up to 2 participants per class.



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