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Professional Horse Training


Lamperouge Horse Training provides training for horses of any discipline, but specializes in Pleasure Horse training. Owner and trainer, Luka Lamperouge trained with world renowned Quarter Horse trainers and is experienced on the AQHA and APHA circuits.

Luka prides himself on careful, consistent training for both horse and rider. He will guide you through the showing process, or help you have a softer, more connected horse.

2023 Rates:

Training: $500/month at your facility 4 days/week

Lessons: $60 on your horse/your facility or $70 on schooling horse/our facility


Centerline Instruction & Training provides training for horses with an emphasis on dressage. Trainer Sally Heffner has been riding and competing for over 27 years and has been teaching lessons and training horses for 20. She is a Pony Club instructor and former Pony Clubber herself.

Sally prides herself on creating harmonious partnerships between horse and rider with an emphasis on balance, feel, and softness. 

2023 Rates:

Please contact for current horse training rates.

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